Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fruits of October 5th

The List

3 apples
6 avacados
Purple and green grapes
Pickled beets
2 packs of Cobb salad
HUGE bar of chocolate
3 containers of "party style" hummus

Pesto Pizza
Package of Naan Bread
2 packages of Hot Dog rolls
Hamburger buns
Loaf of multigrain sliced bread
Loaf of artisan bread
3 mini baguettes

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Sucesses of October 2, 2009

The List

From Trader Joe's:
20 oranges
10 clementines
5 potatoes
2 gallons of OJ
10 pounds of pasta
6+ bouquettes of flowers
Vegan burgers
Bag of salad
Glass Jar of almond butter
Bag of flour
3 glass jars of guindilla peppers
Carton of eggs
Block of parmesean cheese

From Panera Bread:
Endless supply of cookies
2 dozen bagels
2 breadbowls
3 baguettes
1 package of dollar rolls
5 loads of bread
A 16" Danish


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sweet Potato Tofu Scramble - VEGAN

Sweet Potato Tofu Scramble - VEGAN

- 1 sweet potatoe
- 1/2 onion
- 1 package of extra firm tofu
- dairy free butter
- sriracha
- ketchup
- tumeric
- garlic season salt
- 21 season salute (trader joes)

- Chop onion and sweet potatoe into very small pieces, you are making a hash you know!
- Throw your chopped onion and sweet potatoe into a pan with enough butter to soak the veggies and heat over medium heat and season with the garlic salt and 21 season salute to taste
- Let the potatoe and onion cook, stir it around occasionally so it doesn't stick to the pan, while it's cooking though start working on the tofu
- Open the tofu package and drain all the water out, lightly press the tofu to dry it out a little.  Then crumble the tofu into a bowl
- Squirt some ketchup and sriracha into the bowl and then sprinkle a good amount of tumeric ontop of it all.  Then mash it all together with you hands or a fork
- Once that's finished, make sure your potatoes are soft before adding the tofu to the pan.  If they are then add them!
- Press the tofu down in the pan so it is as flat as possible and let it cook there without moving it.  Wait a few minutes and then with a metal spatula flip the scramble and let the other side harden.  Then serve!

First Post

Just starting everything, working out the bugs to link this with a twitter account I'm putting up for the blog

The blog will host scores we find out of dumpsters and in trash and what is done with them.  We will also be putting up delicous vegetarian, freegan and vegan recipes!

I'm excited, I hope you are